About Me

Chris Cummings, Creator of Chrome Dome Studio

For most of my life-I’ve involved myself in things that require the right side of the brain. (it’s the creative side) I remember my dad telling someone “he can copy anything”. I loved to draw at a really young age. I took every art class in school. In 1988 I started working at The Paint Center. I put my creativity to use by learning the growing market of faux finishes. I not only taught people at the store but did hundreds of projects in the evening at some amazing homes. Being A.D.D. to the max has kept me chasing ideas. This site being one of the most recent ideas. I love learning computer stuff and finally getting a Mac has pushed me to learn new stuff and use new mediums.

God blesses each of us with gifts and talents. It’s up to us to determine our strengths. You may not know what your talent is-so I urge you to take a few days of quiet time and ask God to reveal your talents and gifts. HE will and your life may never be the same again. Hang on!!!!