Chrome Dome Studio

Inspired by Everything Airstream!

In 2005 while cruising thru a local antique store, I spotted a little birdhouse that was built like a travel trailer. It wasn’t well built, but that trip would kinda change my life!

As a passionate lover of Airstreams and their design, I began to think: If I could some how replicate the cool design of the classic trailer and build it out of aluminum like the real ones-people would probably buy them. So that evening I couldn’t get the idea out of my head. Luckily for me it was Friday and I didn’t work Saturday because at 5 AM in the morning-I had an idea of how to build my little birdhouses. I got out of bed, gathered some paper, pencil and headed to the kitchen to see if it would work. My wife wasn’t totally surprised as I have a habit of getting up early to work on stuff. Well by 10 o’clock I had the first pattern established for the little birdhouses you see above. And so began my adventure of creating little silver beauties that would end up all over the United States.

On the following Monday I acquired some scrap aluminum from a customer and set out to cut and rivet up the first little house. After completing the first “end” of the birdhouse-I went into the house and proclaimed to my wife-it’s going to work! The following week I applied for a copyright. Thus began my new little sideline venture: Chrome Dome Studio. Named both for the chrome look of the trailers and the fact that I’m bald! God uncovers the best heads you know!